’New Perspective’
Documented by Paulina Manterys
New experiences
Everyday spaces and objects take on new meaning. A moment of quiet, different structures, empty space and the rays of the sun, favourite furniture —old experiences become things to be cherished.
In an increasingly busy and intense world, memories begin to play an important meaining. We want something to come back to.

Photos: Paulina Manterys

New season
We can see our timless goods from a new perspective. Our new collection can be noticed as perfection in imperfection. Tangle is our motto. The extraordinary product in ordinary lifestyle.
Our products will succesfully be with you during your day – no matter what your plans are.
Paulina Manterys X Acnoum

This season, we explore our products from new perspective. We celebrate our goods and ourselves in the world around us. This time we put the shooting in the hands of strong woman. Our brand is a direction for modern woman. 

„Less is more”

Natural light plays a huge role in our photography style. We really love it when the days get a little longer, when the suni s shining and when the interior is filled in energy. Clean lines and stripped-down aesthetic are elements of our design.