'Fall/Winter 21'
Documented by Adam Cekiera
"Small pleasures, which every woman should afford "
Acnoum is timeless minimalism and tasteful closed design in a unique form.
It is the essence of beauty and functionality. It’s the little pleasures which every
woman should afford. It is a celebration of every moment with our products.

Photos: Adam Cekiera
Make Up: Marcin Kulak
Model: Zuzia Matusiak

Strong and brave women change the world for the better.

We openly say that we are inspired by all women – you can see it when you look at our timeless,
minimalist and elegant handbags. Designed for women and with women in mind.

We are a fashion brand and we operate in an environment that is constantly changing, but what remains constant are our values to which we strive to be faithful. They allow us to remember 
what is most important.
The starting point for the creation of the brand was the idea of ​​an object that should not only be enjoyed by the eye with a fashionable and timeless line, but also be practical. This is a tribute to craftsmanship and manual, sustainable production. It’s the little works of art that allow a woman to feel pampered and unique. The main assumption of our brand is not to sell handbags, but emotions.
Local Craft
The handbags are sewn in Poland, with the greatest care for the quality of workmanship and details. The leather and accessories are imported from Italy, and the collections are made in limited series.
We base our production on local craftsmanship, we use only small and family manufactories,
trying to inspire our customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.
Sustainable production
Our handbags are made in a small, family-owned company, and the whole process is done by hand. Quality is our priority and we pay special attention to it. The definite distinguishing feature of our brand are hand-woven leather elements that add an individual and unique character to the products.
Our offer includes handbags made of Italian cowhide leather, hand-made keyrings that are a beautiful accessory or a supplement to handbags and silk twill scarves.

Our philosophy in the design process is non-seasonality. It should be strongly emphasized that we do not design entire collections, trying to keep up with the trends and pace that it is imposed by the industry. We assume that all models that are available in our offer, due to their timeless form, will be fashionable even in a few or even a dozen years. We don’t want to get carried away by current trends that keep brands from keeping pace with the production of new models, thus losing quality. Minimalistic, timeless and practical – these are all Acnoum products.