'New Dimension'
The Concept Of New Shape
"Being focus on details"

We learn to admire what was overlooked and focus one the finer details. We are revived
by beautiful body and romantic moments. We can feel the energy of the warmer months.

Photos: Made It. Management

„New dimension in ordinary lifestyle”

New sensorial and tactile dimension is noted in our new bags. We are presenting new,
extraordinary design in ordinary lifestyle. Nevertheless, designed for women and in
women in mind.

„New Shape”

We explore the concept of new shape being faithful to our quality goals and iconic
details. We can see how the story of design and body can coliide together. The nudity
as naturalness.

„Placed to each other”

The naked male body was placed next to femininity. We love strong and bold shapes
but we combine them with beautiful details and new design. We admire timeless
minimalism and tasteful design in a unique form.